Transversal knowledge


Transversal knowledge provides people with added value to their work, enables an improvement of their performance and remains an essential element to the functioning of any organization. Transversal knowledge is common to all the professions of any social group and goes beyond the strictly technical aspects of a job. Transversal knowledge sometimes falls within the scope of factual professional expertise, of one’s attitude at work, of relational expertise (communication, teamwork, ability to cooperate with others, customer focus, customer service orientation) and sometimes of expertise related to the organization (autonomy and initiative, contribution to progress).

Management skills are a special case of “transversal” skills.

Having a reading methodology, writing legibly, expressing yourself with ease in front of an audience, managing your time, conducting a meeting or stimulating group work are too often considered as innate or going-with-the-flow-type skills. However, this is knowledge that can be acquired after a theoretical contribution, after a reflection on one’s personal practice and after some training.