Job search

This training course tailored depending on the public concerned offers to its participants a comprehensive approach to job search.
The applicant lies at the heart of the approach. He examines professionally the world of companies (whether public or private) and its contingencies. In order to customize the module in the best way possible, students should come with all the documents in their possession (PA, resumes, covering letters ...). By the end of the course, they will be able to manage concrete elements regarding the achievement of both their personal and professional goals.


• Defining the candidate’s objectives.
• Investigating the company's needs.
• Establishing effective prospecting strategies.
• Considering the job search procedure within a time frame in order to weigh effectively on all the parameters implemented.


• Skills assessment and job description.
• Classified ads and unsolicited applications.
• Covering letter and CV.
• Time management (job search strategy within a time frame): useful dates, programming.
• The interview (preparation, simulation, videoscopy)..