With the development of Internet and the media in general, the amount of information to which professionals are exposed has been increasing continuously. Speed reading allows to cope with this evolution. However this is neither superficial skimming nor cursory reading but a more efficient technique which also aims at better understanding and better memorization. By gradually increasing his speed, the learner will understand how to move from passive reading to active reading, particularly for gathering information in professional literature or in the press.


Fast and efficient reading


• Increasing the reading capacity in order to have a more receptive mind, thanks to the acquisition of pedagogical tools which can optimize both professional and personal reading.

• Gaining a greater methodological rigor and practice of effective and fluid reading in order to develop staff potential, both in quantity (number of signs read) and quality (decoding, analysis, storage...)


• Individual assessment and personal progression table.
• Theory of mechanisms and reading strategies.
• Practical, progressive and controlled exercises for a sustainable increase in reading capacity, with both literary and technical texts.
• Evaluation and control tests.

Pedagogical material: Lecture rapide – Lire vite c’est lire mieux de Gabriel Putto,
Édition ALM-Formation (ISBN : 2‑913435-00-9)