Stress management

Stress comes from the difficulty of managing on a long-term basis tensions both at physical and mental level. It corresponds to a form of imbalance between the perception of the constraints imposed by the environment and a person's perception of its own resources to cope with these constraints.
Stress is a normal reaction of our body in a situation perceived as dangerous. Since the professional world has become increasingly more demanding, anxiety is an integral part of working life. But if stress is an important factor in everyday’s life struggle, it can become harmful if it dominates and constrains people.

ALM training courses offer simple and effective techniques based on the analysis of these personal reactions, based on changing one’s way of thinking and on the control of emotions...



• Placing each person at the heart of professional activity.
• Knowing the functions and mechanisms of stress.
• Analyzing personal causes of tension.
• Choosing positive attitudes.
• Using the potential of emotions.
• Enhancing cooperation.
• Asserting oneself fully and peacefully.


• Development exercises and role plays.
• Optimization of personal reflections.
• Elements of transactional analysis.
• Placing participants in concrete situations based on real cases that they’ve experienced.