Development of the memory

Our memory is used to structure information, to find knowledge and generate speech. To be efficient, it must be used rigorously, in other words it must be organized with method.
Our Memory training courses are an opportunity to discover the mnemonic mechanisms and to get some practice.
They facilitate the rationalization of restitution efforts by managing more efficiently the collection and storage of knowledge.
They enable participants to understand their strengths and weaknesses in a professional career where listening, concentration and the ability to restore represent needs of primary importance



• Understanding the structure and the functioning of the memory.
• Developing the potential of storage, of encoding and restitution of information.
• Creating active attitudes of memorization and get more practice.



• Individual assessment.
• Identifying mechanisms and memorization strategies.
• Getting to know the characteristics of perception, of short and long term memory. Working memory is at the heart of the training session.
• Learning techniques.
• Progressive, fun and varied exercises (perception, memorization, information management).
• Technical and practical references.