Oral communication

Oral expression reveals, from the start, the strengths and weaknesses of a line of thought, of a line of argument... The first contact between two people is generally oral and determines, to a large extent, the continuation of the relationship.
Most people consider speech as a natural competence: some people have an innate talent and others don’t! The organization of discourse follows rules whose effectiveness has been proven.
ALM training courses enable awareness of all these mechanisms related to oral expression. They promote the development of speech (planning, introduction, development, argument, conclusion), speaking in public (voice, gestures, behavior) and listening. They enable one to experiment and find the right attitude to face any kind of public. They meet most requirements as regards the control and the practice of professional speaking.



• Discovering the mechanisms of oral expression.
• Controlling speech and discourse coherence.
• Achieving systematic harmonious oral practice.
• Becoming familiar with talks and confrontations.
• Learning to steer a debate, facilitate a meeting, express an opinion and participate in a conversation…


• Personal assessment and programming.
• Practical situational exercises: formal speaking (communication, press conferences...), institutional (making speeches, giving presentations...) or free (conversations...).