Written communication

Communication is the first tool for people and companies to develop within their environment. It’s important to provide communication with the greatest possible accuracy in order to simplify transfers of information and to give an image of coherence. It’s essential to write in order to be read.
ALM training sessions are aimed at increased expertise in professional and technical writing. They allow one to analyze situations, find and experiment the right word and the right style. Our training courses in Written Communication are more specifically aimed at people who need to produce functional writings (technical writings, scientific writings, administrative documents, reports, memoirs, articles ...).
ALM emphasizes on correct spelling and syntax with sessions dedicated to a reconciliation with writing or aimed at preparing for the Voltaire certification.



• Getting to know the mechanisms of effective writing.
• Acquiring knowledge of the essential rules of professional writing (methods, principles, aims...).
• Investigating one’s personal communication mode.
• Learning to write in order to be read.


• Individual assessment.
• Exercises highlighting the strength of the set rules (working on objectives, plan, syntax, spelling and readability).
• Writing effective messages (summaries, reports, articles, business correspondence...) by working on the words and “the style”.
• Short texts, summaries, overviews.